Thursday, September 12, 2013

Breaking Bread

Verse 1
taking strolls in the park in the middle of the dark
no flashlights in this fast life my inner light I spark
enlightening the lost souls looking for a place to start
the rat race gave them a bad taste disdain in their hearts
complicated cause I won't commentate on the competition
I was conditioned to conteract questionable contradictions
convinced the critics done killed my comrades gone missin
conspiracy that keeps me continuing my mission
ma listen I'm the director of my vision
this is God given saving the people that might listen
in my mind's prison all of my thoughts have uprisen
behind these bars developing bridges that I'm building
an educated lyricist who could have ever pictured this?
clinch your teeth, grip your fists, made you look ridiculous
and since i can't confide in you I do this here in spite of you
say misery loves company and I just can't reside with you

Verse 2
You're just a shell of a man with a hell of a plan
full fledged flock of sheep is what you made of your fans
wolf in sheeps clothing stubborn lambs don't understand
follow you with blind faith but belief is not a brand
I'm not a hero or a savior I'm the salt of the sea
light of the world enlightening those you wish to deceive
I believe, ya jealous of the atonement they might receive
planting wicked thoughts in their minds the evil that you conceive
say the Gospel gotta be regarded as Our God's hypocrisy?
look but don't touch ain't good enough luring us with pornography
rip us from His sovereignty when you question our monogamy
preying on our curiosity while increasing our animosity
fornication forces us to face the defamation of our character
no hedges of protection so you broke through our brittle barriers
and it baffles us how when you battle us you always embarass us
embedded with biblical scriptures but the bible always gathers dust

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Renewed Mind

Needed a moment to wake up just to gather my thoughts

Desperately seeking sustainable life; so Jesus was who I sought

And like the prodigal son...seems like I now have returned

Through tribulations and trials; oh my the lessons I've learned

Honor thy mother and father and love thy neighbor like self

the most important of lessons; knowledge thats equal in wealth

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Essence

(Verse 1)

verbally offensive approach is always defensive

defending my honor by any means even when it seems so senseless

collisions with this cold world is numbing all of my senses

but at what cost? I lost count of all of my expenses

undesirable in my ways but I'm oh so relentless

indecisive so my thoughts are tettering on the fences

irrational acts bringing persecution to my character

character assassination by the prosecution seems so amateur

aimlessly aiming at me but I'm advancing quite amicably

sticks and stones may indeed break bones but words ain't never damaging me

not a physical threat but lyrically have my enemies quivering

vocab so absurd peep the verses I'm delivering

disgusting flow! still the topic of every discussion though

causing confusion to your brain I'm considered dysfunctional

conflicts in the context raising questions is the common goal

creatively complex but as a precaution don't call me comical

(Verse 2)

messages in my music digested are therapeutic

therapy formatted for the masses to take & use it

unmatched, uncomparable, yeah I'm undisputed

voice of the voiceless so my voice will not be muted

stand back or brace yourself for an impact

in fact I'm begging for physical contact

contact whoever you need when entering combat

and come back when you're confident that you can calm that

silent rage that's inside me silencing all my enemies

energy emanating from everywhere with no empathy

I was born to dictate the quick pace of this race

a mistake your sense of distaste is so misplaced

fools alone choose to oppose me like spitting against the wind

fork in the road you chose the psychopath of which you can not win

a new reign in this rap game is ready to begin

all the ghetto bastards be prepared to pay for your fathers sins

(Verse 3)

motherless & fatherless early on embraced abadonment

wreckless abadonment lead to physical altercations with random men

man of action, man of few words, I ain't with all of that rambaling

built my house of cards with the hand I was dealt guess you can say I'm gambaling

habitual traits I can not relate when others they state it's hereditary

peep the potholes in their snotnose diagnosis just to try to scare me

playing chess with all these bastards racing to the checkered flag

check the facts, check the stats, I don't ever need to brag

only god can judge me so guard the words coming out your mouth more carefully

this is the calm before the storm still there's no way you can prepare for me

with no parental guidance seems I'm wilder than I've ever been

shakey foundation from the start look at the predicament you're in

all your talents are imbalanced so imperfect & embarassed

you was careless & so callous as a means of earning status

look at all that you've established getting caught up in the madness

lost composure & control but your loss of soul is the saddest

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Converstions with Reflections

ohhhh you lucky I found GOD before I found You

cause there's just no tellin' what I was probably gon' do

what a criminal mind with evil intent and all

an appetite for destruction that would leave you in awe

leave you disgusted refusing to discuss it

decisions decisions so you decide to just cuss it

decide to dismiss it decline to revisit

the topic at hand still you making demands

what had I planned? I just don't understand

just leave it alone

such evil shouldn't be shown

let it be known

those thoughts were not my own

hand of almighty

cleansed my thoughts & my body

crown on my head claimed my inheritance

I was piss poor morally didn't make any sense

the riches that were given

spoke one word now I'm living

accepted Jesus as Savior

corrected my behavior

a creature made new

what scripture said was true

"Are you talking to me?"

"No, I'm talking to You!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wake up!

Everyone is a thug

Cars, money, and Jewels

Staring at the mean mugs

Chains define them as fools

Slaves to the diamond encrusted piece

Jesus' head hanging from chains, still gives em no peace

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hardcore Rap (Parental Discretion Advised)

(Verse 1)

ayo this season a lotta suckas taking extended sabbaticals

savage with my skills breaking competitions clavicles

labeled a loose cannon but every maneuver is tactical

think before you speak going against me seems impractical

simple minded, you think the buzz about me isn't factual?

talking wreckless about me? the reason I behave erratical

irradicating those whose lack of heart's just laughable

me and all these suckas ain't no where near compatiable

compassion shown when I dethrone the king that should've left rap alone

lacking proper ettiquette is simply something that I can not condone

had it not been known I wouldn't have blown up on these foolish maricons

but children need to be shown the error of their ways cuz I'm much too grown

the sickest of linguistics providing the feinds their fixes

affixiated with the fact that my rise to fame was the quickest

composing a list of the meanest mc's I'm calling my hit list

a massacre which I'm asking you all to bear witness

(Verse 2)

subtle with my delivery but please do not belittle me

your brittle facade of being a tough guy has now physically

been decimated and shattered into insignificant matter

and when the dust all settles I'll continue climbing the ladder

ruthless with my aggression attacks seemingly senseless

garnering attention when I'm rendering them defenseless

Apprehensive attitude coinciding with my demeanor

coincidentally I don't give a damn 'bout you either

leer jets and lambos or brothers thinking they rambo

identity crisis their mentality can't handle

who cares about your whips or the chickens you claim to have hit

it just doesn't seem legit when consistently you talking that shit

your consistency's the reason I'm advising your ass to quit

legitimacy unattainable with the trash that you tend to spit

can't comprehend why your camp ain't forewarn you of my dominance

ain't reached my pinnacle yet but peep my prominence

(Verse 3)

middle finger up...uh...never coming down

Tupac reincarnated reclaiming the crown

I rise above the rim guess we know who's got the juice now

poetic justice when lyrically I put sucka mcs 6 feet underground

dear mama I'm asking is there heaven for a G

I shed so many tears but I gotta keep my head up you see

cuz they're praying for my downfall back against the wall

I know you must be appalled cuz I'm screaming fuck 'em all

fuck 'em all watch 'em fall screamin' automatic gunfire exorcisin' all demons

the meaning is so demeaning opposition left barely breathing

the devastation that I'm leaving has you questioning who you believe in

haters they give me a reason to leave their family greiving

troublesome brother what tangled webs we be weaving

never heeding the warnings that I am constantly needing

nearing the end of my sanity with all the beef I be seeing

and I'm just pleading the Father will be leinent when I see him

Friday, June 1, 2012


I'm the quintessential lyricist proven to be a nemesis

Flowing like flooding waters ripped from the pages of Genesis

Remove me from the premises? Impossible! Check the emphasis

Substance that's in my messages embodied in my apprentices...